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Archiving & Video


Archiving files to CD or DVD

Worries about losing your digital files? We can help you stop worrying by copying your digital files to CD or DVD. We can even digitize your photographs or negatives and save those to CD or DVD. Home movies from various types of cameras can also be transferred to CD or DVD to be played back on computers or DVD players.


Duplication from CD/DVD to CD/DVD

Need an extra copy of a CD or DVD and don't own a CD/DVD burner? Bring in your disc(s) and we will make copies for your records or for handing out. We can duplicate 1 or 100 discs, as many as you need.


Video duplication and transcription (NTSC, PAL and SECAM)

Want to share your videos or transfer them to another format since you've upgraded all your equipment? We can transfer form Hi8, VHS, BETA, DVD and more to any format of your choice. We can also transfer NTSC and PAL formats if you are coming from, or moving abroad. Don't let your most precious memories get left behind!


Corrupt file recovery from memory cards

Memory cards are small and fragile devices, even normal usage will sometimes cause a defect. Don't fret! The information on the card is usually still present, simply unaccessible through your camera. Bring it in and we will rescue your precious memories. The card though, is toast.


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